Years ago, before I started running/ triathlon etc, I used to have a blog that was predominately photography focused but also was a more general blog. Once I started the original “Couch Potato to Ironman” blog, I let the other one die.
There are only so many hours in the day.
When I set this site up again, one of the intentions was to have a place where I could post something more than just training blogs.
My 100 word stories project was a lot of fun and obviously these posts can be found on here too. I’ve written a few more short stories recently too and I’m planning on putting some of these up here too…
This post taps into the other side of what I want to post. Its not about training, its not about writing.Lets categorize it as STUFF.
I bet you are ECSTATIC huh?

The first time we do anything is tough. I’m sitting here staring at the screen.I know what I want to post, but I keep typing and deleting things.
I think we all place massive barriers in our minds about doing anything new. I appreciate that this perspective isn’t exactly earth shatteringly new. I’m sure you’ve all heard the quote “A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step”. Its attributed to Lao-Tzu…
*runs quick google search on when Lao-Tzu lived*
Yeah, so the founder of Taoism said this around 2,600 years ago
Its almost a cliched piece of common wisdom, but its true. Ive written blog posts before about how the hardest part of training is just getting off the couch and out the door. I’ve written about how the first time you run 3 miles is just as daunting as the first time you run 10 miles or do a marathon. First times are tough.So the first time I post a non-training related post on a blog that has traditionally been all about training is bound to be a challenge.
Still nothing for it than to put the trainers on and head out the door.
Metaphorically speaking. The actual subject of this post is something that has been on my mind for a long time.
The post itself will probably be significantly shorter than that preamble above, so don’t worry, there is a point to this and you’re nearly there.
Today on the way to work I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast. I only discovered this recently and its highly entertaining. Its probably not to everyone’s taste, but I like it. Last night while I was flicking through the archives of the 360+ episodes I discovered one that was an interview with Maynard James Keenan.
I thought.
I love that dude.
He is the singer of one of my favourite bands. Actually, he is the singer of two of my favourite bands (Tool and A Perfect Circle) and singer/ producer of a third “band” (Puscifer) that I also greatly appreciate. He also loves wine, owns several vineyards and makes what I’ve heard to be very good wine. He is also a purple belt in ju Jitsu under one of the Gracie’s. This is just the stuff he does that I know off the top of my head. Im not an obsessive stalker, Im sure he does more.
That is pretty damn cool. I respect this enormously.
I think people who do a lot with their lives deserve respect. I like complex and multifaceted people. I like to be able to look to people like that and realise it can be done.
You dont have to have a single career path.
Anyway… I was listening to the podcast and as a result of it ended up reading an article Maynard wrote. The podcast is irrelevant. The article is also pretty much Irrelevant. What really jumped out at me was the following comment that encapsulates the very thing that has been bugging me/ playing on my mind for some time…..

It seems that here in the states, people are more concerned with doing something to make money than they are with doing what it is that they love to do. They decide that money is the goal and then begin to figure out what they’ve got to do to get it. They forget to listen to themselves to find out what it is they really are not only best suited for but are passionate about as well. — Maynard James Keenan

How many of you can honestly say that they are living their lives in this manner?
I’m not asking this rhetorically.. There is a comment section below, and you probably saw me posting about this on Facebook or Twitter. Id like some actual comments. I know precious few people who really are living their lives like this and I would love to hear from more of you who are.
Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on Living

  1. I’ve griped on and on about my story – wanted to be a scientist since I was a wee girl, graduated in natural sciences and then…..went to do software developing in two of the largest companies in the world. Hated it. Depression, anxiety, ill health, deep seated unhappiness and moral problems with capitalism but I had an amazing paycheck at the end of the month – nearly double my fathers wage and certainly a lot more than any of my friends. Anyway after 3 and 1/2 years I decided that I needed to follow my calling, and my calling was science and academia. I had been out of the academic world for a long time and it was a big fight to get accepted onto a PhD program, but here I am now 9 months later and loving it so far. Don’t have any regrets – working much longer hours, a third of my original salary and fewer so called “career” prospects. However, I can wake up whenever I want, start working whenever I want and spend as many hours in the day as I want doing what I love (and long into the night) . I also have become a lot more environmentally friendly which was also a goal for some time – with less cash I don’t eat meat (unless it’s bought for me), no car, new bike, reusing stuff, fixing my own pc, great friends and a supportive family, sporting goals on track. Right now, I have the life I want : ) hope it keeps up!

    • Beautifully put Georgina. Living proof that money isn’t everything. I think the PhD route is a much better choice than going into industry as you considered. Glad to hear you’re loving it. :-)

  2. I’m making the change gradually, but by working less hours at the main job and therefore earning less money, I’m making more time available to study and work part time doing something I’m passionate about; nutrition. The start of it wasn’t planned, the rest of it certainly will be for a more interesting future. It makes me happier. Sweet :)

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