Trying to eat clean and drinking buttered coffee…

That tile sounds like a complete juxtaposition of terms right?

Last week I blogged about some of my thoughts on diet and my decision to try and drink buttered coffee and to try and improve my eating habits a little. Its been ten days now so I’m posting a bit of an update.

Since the last post, my diet has been still somewhat erratic, as always but on the whole has been better than usual. Ive been bringing lunch to work and not going to the canteen (except for one day). The canteen in work is my downfall. The food is pretty good and the chef makes this delicious creamy peppered sauce that is great on chips. The problem is when you eat it every day, which is part of the reason I need to lose some weight.

In the last week Ive avoided the canteen most days and been bringing healthy lunches. Most evenings Ive eaten well, except for one night that went to KFC with Zane. Also I had wine on the weekend nights of both weekends so I ate the usual amount of munches then.

OK.. as you can see, my diet is patchy. However, in the last ten days Ive had some improvements. The think I have been  most interested in is the buttered coffee. As a quick recap, the rationale behind this was to get some calories into my system first thing in the morning and to try and eat a smaller and healthier lunch. On the whole this categorically worked. Normally in work, but 12 I am ravenous and am on the verge of chewing my own arm off. All of last week, by 12 I was fine. I wasn’t hungry at all during the morning and was much more focused. For lunches I was eating vegetables, fruit and vegetarian chili or soups.

My weight? Yes its come down. My average weight for many months now has been 95kg. For the last few days its averaging out at 92.5kg. Thats a loss of 2.5kg (5.5lb) in a week and a half. Thats pretty impressive considering that on the whole my diet was far from perfect. What is also worth noting that I hurt myself in training last Wednesday and took a few days off, so in the last week ive missed 4 full training sessions.

Several sessions missed and still an erratic diet and still Ive lost weight. I’m pretty impressed. On Saturday I bought some MCT oil to replace the coconut oil ive been using and it seems good. I’m still using a little coconut oil as it flavours the coffee nicely.  For the next week I’m going to try and improve the diet further and not miss any training sessions. I’ll update next week with hopefully some further improvement.


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