#97 Ink on Wood

I’ve been on this island for two hundred and twenty days now. I’ve counted the days by marking them on a piece of flat bark I stripped from a tree. I’ve tried writing notes on similar pieces of bark and … Continue reading →

#96 Observer

The pinwheel on the lawn is spinning in the breeze. Red, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink merging together. The two kids run past it laughing as they chase one another in circles around the house. He’s standing at … Continue reading →

#92 Tempus Fugit

That’s him over there in the corner, nursing the same pint of Guinness he’s had for the last forty-five minutes. The lad used to be a champion, undefeated by any opponent. Sad thing is that now he looks like time … Continue reading →

#91 Beth’s Left Leg

There was something not quite right with Beth’s left leg. From an early age, when she mentioned it to her mother, it was dismissed. “Don’t be silly, you’re perfect!” Later, a boyfriend besotted with her beauty, blinded by love and … Continue reading →