Kale Shakes

The Ingredients

The Ingredients

For quite a while now I’ve been listening to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. For any of you you who regularly listen you will know that Rogan is a big fan of kale shakes.

For any of you that don’t listen.. you should give it a try. Very interesting mix of people from stand-up comedians to quantum physicists, from MMA champions to winemakers and philosophers. This blog isn’t about the Rogan show thugho.. its about Kale shakes, I will try not to get too distracted.

Id heard a lot of people talk about green smoothies before. I know some people that are big fans and Id always meant to give it a go, so one day a few weeks ago I googled Mr Rogan’s kale shake recipe and found a few variants. I glanced over them and decided I liked the sound of the one that had pineapple, ginger and garlic in it.


Pineapple and garlic.

In a drink

The first time I went to make it, we didn’t have any pineapple. Actually there were a few ingredients missing and I’ll be honest, that first time I had a small glass of it and drinking it was an endurance challenge. I wont bother posting the recipe of the disastrous one as I really wouldn’t advocate it unless your a masochist.

The second (and subsequent) attempts were much more successful. I’ve tweaked it a few times to get the combination just right and the following is what I’ve pretty much nailed down as a really nice and seriously healthy way to start the day. These quantities are enough for both me and Steph to have a large (>500ml) shake.

Two massive handfuls of curly kale

One third of a large pineapple

Half a cucumber

2 celery stalks

A sizeable lump of ginger

2-3 large garlic cloves

2 mugs of water.

Basically… chop up all of the above, chuck it in a blender and blend the hell out of it then drink it down.

I guess the water is optional, but I cant get the stuff to blend together without water. I also tried it with less water and to be honest it was too thick and wouldn’t pour from the bottle I put it in. Two mugs seems to be about the right amount to make it into a drink and not some overly thick blended salad.

I know it sounds kinda gross.. but believe me, its tasty and its super healthy. Give it a blast.

Yummy Greenness

Yummy Greenness

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